At Ednovate, our approach is anything but “cookie-cutter.”

We are reimagining the academic experience and empowering students to reach their highest potential and create positive multigenerational change – no matter what path they pursue.  The Ednovate experience includes:

  • A curriculum that helps students find their passion and purpose

  • A powerful combination of world-class teaching and a high-tech learning environment

  • A community that ensures that each student gets what they need to succeed in a classroom setting that engages and inspires.

Our curriculum is aligned with the ACT College & Career Readiness Standards. Using the ACT as our primary measure of student growth allows us to make comparisons from year to year, as well as to other schools, districts, and states.

Ednovate’s college-prep school academic model is built around Personalization, Purpose, and Community.

Personalized College Prep

We know that every student is different. We work to create a customized, college prep learning experience that capitalizes on each individual student’s strengths and interests, leaving behind “one size fits all” in favor of tailored fit. We also implement the latest technology in a way that builds greater connection in the classroom.

Two students study in a beanbag chair. Ednovate schools creates different settings in which students can learn. Innovative, personalized college prep.


Purpose is what separates good students from great students – and it’s what helps make great students into future leaders who graduate from an Ednovate charter high school in Los Angeles ready to make an impact on the world.

Through a personalized curriculum that also includes meaningful volunteer work, each student spends four years exploring all facets of the world around them, and their roles and responsibilities within this broader context. Ultimately, before they graduate, each student must present to their student body an answer to the question:

“How will I use my college degree and career to make a positive multigenerational change?”

Students meet in their advisory twice a day, with the same advisor for all four years. This helps instill students with a sense of purpose, and to move on to use their college degrees to create a positive multigenerational change.


We encourage students to see themselves as part of a bigger picture that’s made richer by relationships. Our students meet with a dedicated Advisory twice a day through all four years of their schooling. Having a single, persistent point of contact helps students develop as mature, empathetic communicators. Through this relationship, students are also given a framework to understand the impact they can have on their community, nation, and world.

Our network of charter high schools in Los Angeles and Orange County includes: